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Patents protect your inventions.
Schwarz & Partner supports you in obtaining and defending your patents and in enforcing them against third parties.

Our work for you

A patent is an officially granted intellectual property right for a technical invention. Patents are granted for inventions in all fields of technology. A patent is granted under the condition that the invention is new, inventive and industrially applicable. The owner of the patent is entitled to prohibit others from using the invention.

To obtain a patent, a patent application must be submitted to the relevant national Patent Office (for Austria, e.g., the Austrian Patent Office) or regional Patent Office (e.g., the European Patent Office). Depending on the type and country of the patent application, different specific regulations will apply.

We support you throughout the entire patent granting process nationally and internationally and in the defence and enforcement of your intellectual property rights.

Our Services

• Drafting patent and utility model applications
• Intellectual property rights research
• Grant proceedings
• Opposition, appeal and nullity proceedings
• Transfer of ownership procedure
• Support and expert opinions in patent infringement cases
• Expert opinions on patentability and freedom to operate (FTO)
• Monetary evaluations of property rights
• Employee invention law (calculation of invention remuneration, establishment of inventor remuneration systems)
• Licence agreements