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Trademarks are a significant asset to your business.
Schwarz & Partner supports you in registering, enforce and defending your trademarks.

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Trademarks serve to distinguish the goods and services of a company from those of other companies. Customers often link their ideas about the identity of the company and the quality of its products to a strong brand. In this respect, trademarks influence consumers' purchasing decisions on a daily basis.

All signs which are capable of distinguishing the goods or services of a company from those of other companies can be protected as trade marks. These are, in particular, words including personal names, illustrations, letters, numbers, sound signs, three-dimensional designs including the shape of a product or its packaging as well as other get-ups including colours and colour combinations. The term of protection of a trade mark can be extended as often as desired.

We work with you to develop trademark strategies for your company and support you in the national and international registration, enforcement and defence of your trademarks.

Our Services

• Trademark registrations
• Opposition and cancellation proceedings
• Trademark search
• Support and expertise in trademark infringement cases
• Monetary evaluation of trademarks
• Coexistence agreements
• Licence agreements