Schwarz & Partner

Areas of Expertise

All patent attorneys of Schwarz & Partner have a sound technical/scientific education and, for the most part, many years of industrial experience. This enables us to advise and assist our clients in all technical fields at the highest technical level.


Our patent attorneys in the field of chemistry have experience in chemical research and development in both academia and industry. This enables us to provide our national and international clients active in the field of chemistry with the best advice and support in their growth. It is not without reason that renowned national and international companies rely on the expertise of our chemistry team.

Our clients are involved in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, polymers, dyes, nanotechnology, glass, chemical processing, food and beverage products, materials, biofuels, medical devices, semiconductors, fibres and textiles, agricultural technologies, coatings, oil and gas processing, packaging, plastics and speciality and fine chemicals, among others.

Electronics / Software

For successful technology-based businesses, it is crucial to exploit innovations quickly and profitably. Our patent attorneys have years of industry experience in the electronics sector and thus understand the needs of our clients in this field to best protect and defend commercially valuable innovations.

Our clients are involved in digital control systems, imaging, e-commerce, mobile applications, network security, cloud computing, virtual reality and many other technologies.

Physics / Mechanics

Turning a complex or abstract physical concept into a commercially viable asset can be challenging. Our patent attorneys have a profound knowledge of physics and relevant industry experience, which enables us to serve our clients at the highest level.

Life Sciences / Medical Technology

Companies, research institutions and inventors in the life science sector need advice that combines science, law and business. The practical experience of our patent attorneys in industry enables us to identify the needs of this target group and provide the necessary advice for securing intellectual property.

In addition, we have experience with licensing agreements as well as freedom-to-operate opinions.